Three thoughts plus one over Danish


Photo: Stephen Gormley

Three thoughts plus one over Danish

by Dan Gaichas

1. Eriksen delivered in just one moment:

Christian Eriksen was held in check most of the game by Peru. The Danes hardly created anything in the first half and honestly didn’t do much in the second half, either. Yet, the one time Peru gives Eriksen space to create, he did and Youssef Poulsen had a cool finish.

2. Schmeichel is not from this planet:

Almost immediately, it was Kasper Schmeichel who was front and center for Denmark. Never mind some wasteful finishing by Peru (including Cueva’s Diana Ross-type penalty). Schmeichel made three stellar saves in the second half and still has yet to concede since the playoff against Ireland back in November.

3. The Law of Missed Chances:

Denmark was beneficiary of the Law of Missed Chances which basically states that all those missed chances can sting you if the other team makes good on at least one. Denmark made good on at least one while Peru didn’t with the several that they had.

The +1: Pione Sisto:

I said that he and Yussuf Poulsen needed to get more involved in the match to help out Eriksen. It was Sisto catching Eriksen on the run that led to the goal for Poulsen.

Denmark will need to get those three players more on song when they face Australia on Thursday (7am CT, FS1 and Telemundo)


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