Prost in the Community

Prost International is very proud of its partnerships with some of England and Wales’ finest Sports Journalism universities.

Seven different universities recommend their finest talent to receive work experience placements with us. Some of those students have already continued to both graduate and get paid jobs in the industry.

However not everyone has had the luxury of a childhood that ends with them able to go on to further education.

Prost International began a conversation with NEETLY NGAGED in early 2021 about how sports journalism could help those struggling within mainstream education and the underprivileged.

The original plan was for Prost to train NEET (Not in Education Employment or Training) young people via the NEETLY NGAGED creative educational programmes, with Prost being responsible for sports journalism setting them on the path to entering a sports journalism course at university.

Luckily, Prost had already been approached by Gerrie Byrne at the University of Central Lancashire in Preston (UCLAN).

The Guardian University Guide 2022 placed UCLAN’s journalism courses number one in England. Sports Journalism scored 100% for overall satisfaction and academic support in the 2020 National Student Survey and 94% in 2021.

Gerrie lectures in sports journalism and had already proposed Prost International’s first work placement collaboration for her students. However she saw the bigger picture, how the idea could be expanded could revolutionise educational opportunities.

Gerrie introduced Prost International and Geeta Pendaer, founder of NEETLY NGAGED, to the Foundation Course departmental heads at UCLAN, Paresh Parmar and David Knight. By the time a meeting took place, Geeta added another five modules alongside sports journalism as courses available on the programme.

NEETLY NGAGED then recruited Olga Preston as Education Director. She already had decades of experience teaching GCSE Maths and English outside the school system including Pupil Referral Units (PRUs).

Geeta stresses the importance of continuity in any project:

“Young people are quite often pigeon-holed by target driven mainstream education.

“Our programme is designed to empower young people with the tools, skills and knowledge, that leads them on a pathway to employability, training or a degree course at UCLAN, as emotionally resilient and emotionally intelligent young adults.

“NEETLY recognises that continuity is key. We ensure that all our young people will have a smooth transition onto their chosen pathway”

NEETLY also guarantees participants mental health support not just throughout their time on the course, but for the duration of their stay at University.

UCLAN saw how the project had grown and a partnership was formed.

No UCAS points are needed. Students who go through the NEETLY, NGAGED programme successfully,  including Prost’s own, can enrol on UCLAN’s one year Foundation Course. This will enable them to access any of the University’s degree courses.

A pathway to university has been created that tailors to the specific needs of the individual. More than anything, the programme does not judge them and focuses on where they can go, not where they have been.

Full details of the courses available can be seen on the NEETLY NGAGED website.

The students can continue to work with Prost and advance their careers in sports journalism should they wish. They are welcome to take work placements or continue with their passion in any of the other fields.

Three football clubs so far have agreed to be partners; Wycombe Wanderers FC, and two non-league clubs at opposite ends of the country, Northwood FC in Middlesex and Carlisle City FC in Cumbria.

We would welcome others and you can contact us through the Contact Us/Write for Us form.

Most EPL and EFL clubs already know of Prost International through our coverage of their matches and we would be delighted to hear from you.

Local authorities, companies and other potential partners can either contact us or talk directly to NEETLY NGAGED through their Contact Page.

Assistance with funding or corporate sponsorship is especially welcome. Local authorities who know of any possible candidates should feel free to get in touch too.

The companies and clubs above are already on board