Prost Alumni – Our writers now enjoying professional careers

Prost International acts as a bridge between studying sports journalism at university and actual work as a professional journalist.

We have current placement agreements with seven universities whose students continue to do their course work while getting realistic work experience with Prost International.

Here are some of our Alumni.

Jacob Tanswell joined Prost in October 2018 even before going to university. While continuing to learn at Prost he matriculated at the University of Solent.

One of the Prost Originals, his talent and thoroughness was visible early on both to us and his lecturers at Solent, who were soon to become one of our early university partners. After three years with us and his graduation, he left Prost to work for Dorset Live to cover AFC Bournemouth.

His progress was rapid. A year later, Jacob was recruited by the Athletic to cover Southampton. He won the FWA Student Writer of the Year Award in 2021.


Dan Hargraves was already one of the University of Derby’s brightest prospects when he arrived at Prost. During his two years with us, he showed an aptitude for not only journalism, but teamwork and leadership. Although he never took a formal title, he was one of the most able and willing when the site needed someone to train incomers.

When a task needed to be done, Dan was always willing to do it and learn any sport needed to do a superb job. Wherever he goes, and he will go far, he will contribute immensely. When he was hired by Hampshire Live to cover Southampton, it was absolutely no surprise to anyone at Prost International.

Has Karim was one of the Prost International originals. A very affable and good humoured colleague, he was missed by his fellow writers when he left. He graduated with a journalism degree from the University of Worcester.

He now works for Sky Sports on their video team as a Junior Production Assistant for their Football Daily YouTube channel. He stays in touch and is always welcome back to catch up. Recently, Has made the connection between his former university and Prost to set up a new wotk experience partnership.

Matt Lee was another of the Prost Originals, joining us right at the start of separation from Prost Amerika. Although very young, he showed an incredible maturity and obtained press box experience very early when he covered the FA Trophy Final at Wembley in 2019.

He went on to cover Nottingham Forest for the Nottingham Post watching them win promotion to the PL again at Wembley (photo right) before progressing to Essex Live.

Ryan Conway was our second ever Editor-in-Chief, a post he took over after just eight impressive months at Prost. During his tenure, the site began its growth. He showed immense aptitude for leadership and teamwork, but his potential as journalist was always obvious with some very mature writing for a youngster who had not studied at university like many of his contemporaries. He left to join the Athletic to cover Derby County.

Alex Jones joined Prost International in August 2020 after his undergraduate degree was interrupted by Covid-19. A journalism student at the University of Lincoln, Alex covered more than 100 matches for the site during the final two years of his course. He ended his time at Prost International as the East Anglian football editor, reporting on Norwich City, Ipswich Town, Peterborough United and Cambridge United.

He found a job straight after finishing university and now works as the Millwall FC reporter for Southwark News.

“It’s hard to explain just how much Prost International did for my career prospects. I joined the website at the start of my second year at university because I was frustrated at the fact that my course had moved online due to the Covid-19 pandemic and I was gaining very few practical skills.

“I went on to cover more than 100 games across the Premier League and EFL in just under two years, which was undoubtedly the main reason that I walked straight into a full-time job in the industry before even finishing my degree. I now cover Millwall for the Southwark News, and I’m certain that I would never have been in this role if it wasn’t for the unrivalled experience I gained while writing for Prost.”