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Updated February 2022

Who are we?

Prost International is a new UK website that grew out of Prost Amerika in the United States. We are based in England and currently bring our readers all the latest news and view about the EPL, EFL, Bundesliga, La Liga and international football. We welcome coverage of other leagues too.

Our writers have been accredited journalists at a World Cup Final.

We are currently looking for technical experts who can troubleshoot wordpress issues, experienced editors, writers and social media experts.

We are an all volunteer site which means we don’t ask you to focus on click bait or celebrity stuff to get large viewing figures to earn £1 or €1 for 1000 hits. You will be free and encouraged to write solid quality journalism on subjects and teams that interest you.


We aim to be an academy for prospective professional journalists. For your time and content, we will train you in all aspects of football journalism, not just copy writing, but editing, photo manipulation, teamwork and using wordpress.

Our goal is to lose our best staff to the paying professional media every year and recruit new young people to replace them.

Press box accreditation

Prost International has the £5 million Limited Liability Indemnity Insurance and can get qualified writers accreditation to EFL and EPL matches, as well as FAWSL and internationals.

We have already had journalists accredited for international matches at England, Scotland, Wales, Republic of Ireland, Albania, USA, Canada, Mexico, and clubs as varied as Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Huddersfield, Fulham, Liverpool, Watford, QPR, Tijuana Xolos, LA Galaxy, New York Red Bulls, DC United, Barnet, Sutton United, Fisher FC and Perth Glory among others.

We are also supporters of non league and women’s football and welcome specialists on those subjects.

However accreditation is far from guaranteed, and there is a minimum work commitment and quality level before we will apply for your Dataco Card.

If you are just looking for a shortcut to accreditation, Prost International is not for you.

Football Journalism Students

Before you apply, please contact your University course co-ordinator. We encourage them to contact us should they wish to create a formal work experience collaborative program with us.

If you are a journalism student please do not write to us directly, but ask your University if they would be interested in working with us on a wider work experience collaborative partnership.

Universities seeking to place students on work experience can contact us at contact-at-prostinternational-dot-com


We especially welcome potential writers from groups who are underrepresented in the football writing industry, including BAME, female, LGBTQ and people from socially disadvantaged areas and backgrounds. We do not believe your race, colour, gender or gender preference should be a barrier to your chances of becoming a professional journalist or working in a league press box.

We do not publish racist or sectarian content and we ask that our writers’ social media accounts do not harm the site’s reputation by doing so.

What you DON’T have to do

Running a website is time consuming and expensive. Most writers who also host sites find they have less and less time to write after dealing with the expense and tech side of hosting. We take care of all that so you can focus on the game you love, as well as appearing on the same site as some established journalists.

Also, we do not ask you to bombard us with articles about Manchester United or Cristiano Ronaldo’s favourite car. We love our readers but we are not a click bait site, so whether your passion is Leeds, Luton or refereeing in the local league, we want to feature your work. We welcome pieces too on fan culture, refereeing, historical and football travel articles. We also welcome humorous pieces and especially long form.

What do we need from you?

We have openings both for those with a wish to become professionals and write frequently, and those who just want to write occasionally and casually. You can let us know what level of commitment you want to give. We will accommodate you.

How to start

Like us on Prost Facebook page and follow us on Prost International twitter. 

Then write to us via our Contact Us page

When we are ready to accept and train new writers, you will receive an email with more information about the next steps. Given the volume of applications currently, we send these out twice a month.