New York Red Bulls II Control Philadelphia Union II in MLS Next Pro Action, 4-1


Chester, PA

June 26, 2024

The New York Red Bulls II appeared to be older, faster and in some ways smarter than the Philadelphia Union II in Wednesday evening’s match at Subaru Park.  While Philadelphia picked up the pace in the second half, New York still had the edge.

New York’s Frank Ssebufa was the first to score in the 5th minute off of an assist by Malik Dembule.  Then Dembule took his turns at scoring twice, the first in the 29th minute and the second in the 64th minute.  Finally, Philadelphia’s goalkeeper Holden Trent was shown a yellow card when Dembele passed through Philadelphia’s defense to New York’s Rafael Mosquera and Trent came out on Mosquera.  It appeared to be a light touch by Trent’s fingers, if at all, but a PK was awarded to New York.  Mosquera converted the PK for theNew York’s 4th goal.

Philadelphia made it onto the scoreboard in the 84th minute when Edward Davis III looked to be lofting a pass into the box, but scored as the ball bounced to the right of New York’s keeper, Aidan Stokes.

Philadelphia Union II remains in first place and New York Red Bulls are in fifth place in the Eastern Conference NextPro standings.

Photographs of the game appear below:


At 14 years of age, wonder kid Cavan Sullivan keeps pace with the game.Philadelphia’s Jamir Berdecio avoids contact with New York’s Mohammed Sofo.Philadelphia’s Gavin Wetzel tries to impede New York’s Rafael Mosquera.

Rafael Mosquera and Juan Ruiz mug for the camera after Mosquera converted the PK.


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