F3: Martins shines in red flag interrupted practice


Off the back of two in-season tests Formula 3 got off to a very wet stop-start in Friday morning practice.

Victor Martins impressed in the practice session getting a lap posted up on the board during a very interrupted session.

A red flag was seen for the first time this weekend with half an hour left of the session as Ido Cohen put his Dallara chassis in the gravel after spinning at the Tamburello chicane.

Martins topped the time sheets as the red flag dropped continuing his momentum after leaving Bahrain leading the championship, meeting the pressure that comes his way after staying in Formula 3 for a second year.

As the clock ticked 24 minutes to go the green flag dropped and the cars returned to the one and only practice session they get this weekend and saw Kush Maini spin instantly.

Josep Maria Marti had spun and crashed and Jack Crawford ran wide at Tamburello scattering yellow flags everywhere leaving it hard to complete a lap.

Seconds later David Schumacher ran straight on into the gravel bringing out the second red flag of the session.

Caio Collet became the next unforgiven driver whilst spinning out at the Villeneuve chicane leaving himself stranded in the gravel bringing out red flag number three.

Whilst the red flag was out Maini, Collets teammate, found the gravel as well at Acqua Minerale and Hunter Yeany was seen with his right front in the air after suspension damage from running over the grass.

This red flag ended up stopping the session for good leaving Martins at the top of the timesheet after his original fastest time could never be met after barely any green flag running was found during this session.

The qualifying session to come will be very intense as no-one has done some representative running as the rain eases as the day goes on.

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