Roll out the Welcome Mat. Nkufo is on his Way.


He's Coming Home

Switzerland’s World Cup dream is over after their failure to score against Honduras. The result and their elimination emphasises what a poor World Cup, Europe is having but also does North American pride no harm.

The elimination of Switzerland and Honduras means that Sounders FC’s Blaise Nkufo can head to Washington State and begin his new life as a Sounder.

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Cup of Woe – Europe has had a Shocking World Cup


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  1. not to be a debby downer… but… Kufo isn’t exactly coming off a multiple goal showing in the cup. Do you think his lack of opportunities with the Swiss team was a lack of service from his team or lack of execution on his part?

  2. Switzerland are a very defensive team anyway. When they went down to ten men against Chile, Nkufo was labouring on his own i a 4-4-1. Against Spain, the opposition had the ball for most of the match. I didn’t see today’s game, but I would expect he had more opportunities in the 69 minutes he played.

  3. I would rather think Nkufo’s play should be judged on his play with FC Twente rather than Switzerland’s play at the World Cup.