Kansas City Current Outclasses Portland Thorns in 4-1 Win at Providence Park



Sophia Smith scored Portland’s lone goal in the second half and had numerous opportunities since early on in the match (Photo by Diego G Diaz).

Kansas City Current it is still undefeated in this 2024 NWSL regular season alongside Orlando Pride, both with 9 wins and 5 draws. The difference that gives Kansas City the top slot in the season is their terrifying scoring ability. In Providence Park, the Current showed it again routing the Portland Thorns in their stronghold at Providence Park.

The Portland Thorns have one of the most talented attacks in the league, led by Sophia Smith, who leads the league’s scoring list with 12 goals. The Thorns have also shown time and time again its weaknesses in the back line, and added with a forced rotation of Sam Coffee in the center of the midfield, still coming back from injury.

Portland started the game pressuring with a high line, trying to keep the ball as far from their half as possible. The high pressure resulted in the first half an hour with Portland giving it all to open the scoring. Kansas City was replying in kind and the match was electrifying.

The tit for tat lasted till minute 30, when in 10 minutes of terror, Kansas City would score three times, Lo’eau LaBonta in minute 30 (assisted by Temwa Chawinga), Stine Ballisager in minute 38 (assisted by Elizabeth Ball), and Lo’eau LaBonta again with a screamer from the top of the box in minute 40). The game was sentenced, and Kansas City’s superiority in every corner of the match was evident even to the most fanatic of the home fans.

The second half opened with Temwa Chawinga completing an assists from Elizabeth Ball in the 47th minute, marked the final tally for Kansas City.  The away team went on game management mode for the rest of the match, but Portland didn’t quite throw towel and obstinately tried to shorten Kansas City’s advantage.

Kansas City’s defense seemed to always be one step ahead of Portland’s attack, but Portland’s attack talent was able to slip through the web, specially Sophia Smith, who got her reward in minute 73, assisted by Sam Coffee who made her first minutes after injury in minute 69, already for down.

The result allowed Kansas City keep up with Orlando Pride on top of the league, while the Portland Thorns fell a position back to 5th.


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