Serbia Threatens to Pull out of Euro 2024 amidst Croatia-Albania Chants


MUNICH, GER–Serbia is threatening to pull out of Euro 2024 after a chant by both Croatian and Albanian fans which translates to, “kill, kill, kill the Serb.” Both Croatia and Albania have their issues with Serbia, particularly during conflicts in the 1990s during both the breakup of Yugoslavia and the attack on ethnic Albanians during the Kosovo war.

Serbia has threatened to pull out of the competition if Uefa takes no action.

“What happened is scandalous and we will ask Uefa for sanctions, even if it means not continuing the competition,” said Serbian FA general secretary Jovan Surbatovic.

UEFA had already cancelled the credentials of Kosovar journalist, Arlind Sadiku for making a nationalist double-handed eagle gesture towards Serbia fans during the game against England. The gesture mimics the eagle on Albania’s national flag, which can inflame tensions between Serbian nationalists and ethnic Albanians, who make up the vast majority of Kosovo’s population.

Serbia, themselves, were fined by Uefa €14,500 for fans throwing objects during their match with England which they lost 1-0 as well as for a provocative banner. Croatia has been fined in the past for their fans’ behavior during the 2023 Nations League Finals.

According to BBC, Uefa are continuing to gather evidence and some kind of decision over whether to charge the respective countries is likely to be confirmed later today.

Serbia are due to play Slovenia on Wednesday at 3pm CET (8am CT) in Munich.

UPDATE:  Serbia played Slovenia to a 1-1 draw on Wednesday at Euro 2024. This result leaves Serbia needing a win over Denmark on Tuesday and hope Slovenia fail to defeat England to advance.


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