Pirates fend off gritty Bandits to get back to winning ways


Poole returned back to winning ways after defeating the visiting Berwick Bandits in a gritty performance, with the result not being decided until heat 14.

Bandits, led by the ever-reliable Chris Harris pushed Pirates all the way with Harris leading the way with a return of 17 points from six rides.

The Cornish rider won the opening heat of the night with a comfortable win in a shared heat.

A 4-2 advantage in heat two to the visitors nudged them ahead by the slender margin of two points.

Pirates first heat win of the evening came in heat three when Steve Worrall and Ben Cook picked up a 5-1 to give Poole their first lead of the night.

Bandits hit back in the following heat with a 4-2 to draw level on the night 12-12. The next two heats were shared with Berwick winning five of the opening six heats.

Pirates picked up their second heat maximum of the night in the next heat with the pairing of Richard Lawson and Drew Kemp.

Reserve rider Kemp came in for fellow reserve Nathan Ablitt in heat eight, with Zach Cook tucking in behind the Australian for another heat maximum to give Pirates an eight-point advantage, at the halfway point of the meeting.

Bandits team manager Gary Flint decided to use his tactical substitute at this stage by bringing in Harris. Along with Leon Flint the pair made it a one-two to cut the gap to four points.

Poole responded instantly with Danny King and Zach Cook producing a 5-1 heat maximum.

Reserve Jonas Knudsen replaced Theo Pijper in heat 11, with Harris dropping his first point of the evening by coming second to Knudsen as Berwick kept the pressure on Poole.

Two shared heats made the score 41-37 after heat 13 with the contest in the balance.

It was down to Pirates Ben Cook and Kemp to produce a 5-1 to win the meeting for the home side.

The final heat was shared with another winning ride from Harris who didn’t drop a point to a Poole rider, ending the night with 17 points from six rides. The only rider for the visitors to hit double points.

Poole  Pirates  49  Berwick Bandits  41

                                   Wednesday 29th June 2022 

                                          Peter Moore at the Poole Stadium

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