Alonso disappointed after Q1 exit at Spanish Grand Prix


Fernando Alonso has said his Q1 exit was caused by a lack of knowledge about the time left in the session.

Alonso fell out of Qualifying in 17th place after being unable to create a gap to Lando Norris’ McLaren in the closing stages of Q1.

The Spaniard arrived at the final corner behind the British driver, and was unable to break past or fall behind Norris before starting his lap.

However, Alonso has said that he could have avoided this if he had better understood the time left in the session.

Speaking to Sky Sports F1, he said:

“The team and myself, we didn’t understand each other, how much time was left in the session so I started the lap just behind Lando because I thought I had one or two seconds margin to the red light and I had, like, a 20 second margin.

“So if I knew that, I could have maybe created a bit more of a gap in front of me so it was a misunderstanding there and unfortunately a high price to pay.”

The two-time world champion will start between the two Aston Martins of Sebastian Vettel and Lance Stroll on the grid tomorrow, with plenty of work to do if he hopes to score points at his home Grand Prix.

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