England international lacrosse star who is helping out on the front line


England lacrosse star and junior doctor Rebecca Jordache is used to plenty of battles on the pitch, but a few weeks ago she had to overcome her biggest fight yet after contacting coronavirus.

After a short while in isolation she was back on the front line dealing with patients with covid-19 at Guildford’s Royal Surrey Hospital.

Rebecca, explained how she came into contact with the virus.

“A couple of weeks back I came over not feeling well at work and I had to take myself home.” she said.” “The hospital were fab as I got a swab test the next morning and got the result the morning after that and I then had to take myself the seven days off before returning to work, which was really difficult because I just wanted to be at work helping instead of being useless at home.”

Balancing a difficult job as a doctor and playing sport can be hard at times.

“It is a little difficult.” she said,”but for me I’m quiet lucky, my day to day hasn’t changed much, I’m still going to work and I’m still looking after poorly people which I have been doing previously, but I guess the main difference is the one specific disease which we are treating more so.” she added, “It is challenging and the kind of when it will end and when it will die down is hard mentally to deal with, but as the weeks have passed, I’ve got more used to how the hospital is responding.”

Due to the current situation we find ourselves in it is hard for Rebecca to train.

“It’s difficult as we can’t train as a team.” she said,”we don’t have a gym, but we are doing a really good job in finding ways around that as our coaches and strength and conditioning coaches have adjusted our programmes so we can train at home and do a lot more strength base work at home.”

Rebecca would have been representing England in a home international series against Wales and Scotland, but both matches were recently cancelled.

“It was a big disappointment.” she said, “as it was the kick off to our competitive season.” she added,” we train from August through to now and this is competition time, and everything has been cancelled, but hopefully we can reschedule everything after lockdown, but I miss the team really as I haven’t seen them for ages.”

Rebecca is in her first year as a junior doctor and has been blown away by the support she and her colleges have received from the general public in the current pandemic.

“The amount of support and gratitude for the NHS at the moment is just amazing.” she said, “I’ve always been proud to work for the NHS, but it’s even more so at the moment and it feels like the support and gratitude has really come to the forefront now, and it’s just incredible to see how supportive people are, which is really inspiring for us to keep going into work in doing what we do, and to still get that gratitude is just amazing.”

Full interview with Rebecca Jordache


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