Millwall Lionesses captain Ruby Snowden and full-back Maddie Wright give their opinions on the season ahead


A new start for the Millwall Lionesses sees one of the oldest existing women’s sides rebuild their path in the Eastern Region Women’s Football League Division One.

New signings Ruby Snowden who was made captain and Maddie Wright gave the press the low down on what to expect this season from the newly rebrand Lionesses.

Full back Maddie Wright spoke about the expectations levels put on Millwall’s head:

“When you have got such a big name as Millwall you know in your league, of course, you are going to want to beat them so I would say especially in our league, of course, all the teams are going to want to come at us with the best that they have got and they are going to want to beat us were Millwall at the end of the day. We have got expectations but I think the girls know that and no matter what team we are playing we are going to be going in their 100%.”

Speaking for the first time since being made the captain of her squad for the 2019-2020 season Ruby Snowden backed up her team-mate:

“It’s going to be a challenge were a new team and we have only just got together so that is a challenge in itself, we are still going in there even though it’s lower level believing it is going to be difficult and it is going to be a challenge for us, were not too complacent.”

Maddie Wright has already been feeling the impact after joining Millwall:

“I think the team itself has got such great potential so we will have to manage expectations the fans are so supportive, they are going to be supportive no matter what. We have seen that already with just being here a few weeks, it’s been unbelievable you know of course we want to manage expectations you want to make them as proud as we can but like I said the team has got so much potential and we both believe that we are going to put and leave everything on the pitch and you know hopefully walk out most weekends with a win.”

Captain Snowden was excited for a season of first team football after joining the Lionesses:

“It’s exciting, it’s a challenge a bit different obviously when I was at Spurs and Charlton, I was always either training with the first team but playing games for the reserves. So, it is a different game, step it up a level but I am looking forward to it.”

Both players had nothing but praise for their new coach in Colin Reid with midfielder Ruby Snowden had expressing nothing but admiration for her coaches style of football:

It’s something I have always enjoyed you know you get some coaches and some managers who tell you to hoof the ball from the back, but he likes to play it from the back and is quite creative with his play I enjoy that.”

Her team-mate agreed:

“I think the way Colin (Reid) wants to play is a very professional way, it is the way that the women in the very top league would play, well most team’s in the top league, of course, we want to aspire to do that and I think that Colin is such a great manager and like Ruby said with the way that he coaches and the style of play he wants us to do so I think it is going to be really good and I am excited to play that way.”

Maddie Wright continued by praising the dressing room environment:

“It’s a very family-oriented environment it is really nice, the management, all the way to the fans we are such a big family, yeah it is really great.”

There is a confidence about with the new team with the left-back saying:

“I think I speak on behalf of all the girls to say that we are honoured to play with the Millwall badge on our shoulder, it’s amazing we have got such a massive opportunity here and we need to grab it with both hands. It’s a start like you said it’s the beginning of a new era and we can take this as far as we want to go.

The sky is the limit, there is no limit, we don’t see something and say maybe we can get to there, it might take years but management and the whole support system believes.”


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