Both sets of fans confident as Lionesses prepare for the mighty USA


On the eve of the World Cup semi-final in Lyon, English and American fans were enjoying all that the city has to offer.

Early in the evening, the more family oriented US groups were gathering at the FIFA fanfest where we asked one of them to give us her view of the upcoming game.

A second American fan was more cautious.

Dave, who now lives in Rio, had concerns about how much emotion the American women had used up in their 2-1 win over France.

Some might point out that a 2-1 win over Scotland is hardly blowing them away but the fact remains that England have now not conceded a goal in four games since Claire Emslie netted for the Scots in Nice, having scored nine in the process.

That fact though is mitigated by taking into account that England’s women have had an easy draw and this match will be a massive step up in quality for them.

That step up did not worry Louise from Bristol, a city that has sent a good number of fans to support the Lionesses. She was confident and even went as far as to predict the score and the scorer of England’s winner.

The game kicks off at 8pm UK time and we will be at the stadium tweeting live on the Prost Soccer account.


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