Jordan Nobbs talks about the Ballon D’Or nominees


In an interview before a friendly match against Australia, England midfielder Jordan Nobbs took time to talk about the upcoming Ballon D’Or award nominations. This is the first ever Women’s Ballon D’Or, an award that has been given on the men’s side since 1956. Originally going to the best male footballer in Europe, the award expanded to all international players in 2007.

Interview by Asif Burhan

In a couple of hours the 15 nominees for the first women’s Ballon D’Or will be announced, your boss told us on Friday that for him Lucy Bronze is the best player in the world so as someone’s who’s played with her and against her what makes her so special and different to anyone else in the game?

I’ve known Lucy since we played against each when we were 13, 14. She was a centre forward. Ever since I’ve known her, she gone through some tough times of being injured that probably not a people know about. I think she’s an incredible player, on and off the field. I couldn’t be more proud of her and what she’s done as a player and developed her power, her technical skill, she’s a winner through and through. I fully hope that she gets every bit of credit that she can and trophies that she can because I think she’s truly developed herself into being the best right back in the world by far. Obviously, taking that step to Lyon as well, to win the Champions League. She’s a winner and I would always want her in my team. Always.

If one of your England team-mates can’t win the award, which player in Europe do you think deserves it?

I’m a fan of Harder for Denmark. I’m a centre-midfielder and I think, the power and physical attributes she puts in. . . I think you can never take for granted how hard that is and how much I think she drives their National Team. I think she’s a really good player and does a lot probably off the ball that people don’t see and then, on the ball she can drive and be powerful past players. Yeah, I think she’s a good talent.


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