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For Mexico’s football federation it is back to the drawing board and start looking to reestablish its place in its Confederation of play and see a continuance of its authority. Yes, the so-called giant of CONCACAF is looking forward to much higher enterprises.

A squad that made many headlines in its first matches of this World Cup, and later this squad offensive might completely shut down and a meltdown of that amazing defensive game. One negative was its overconfidence and too complacent in its third match putting away all of that effort, showing off no consistency.

Still the work performed by Professor Juan Carlos Osorio in the helm of El Tri, was the correct one. However, his days in the helm of Mexico National Team are numbered. For the FEMEXFUT will arrange to let a man go after leaving a record of 33 wins, 9 losses and 10 draws in the helm of El Tri. A mistake will be to let him go, a continuance of his work can be a plus for this squad.

However, some out there in the Mexican media are already placing a man o the likes of Argentinian Matias Almeyda as the next manager of El Tri. A bit disrespectful for Professor Osorio I must say. As politics are to the politicians and the media maintain its distance in the affairs of El Tri. As you recall the time, Miguel Herrera had to quit after that embarrassing showdown in Philadelphia airport. The work of a well-known journalist, assumptions and suppose expertise made this operate a mockery in the entire Mexican nation.

Still nothing said about Professor Osorio future as I mention a mistake will be letting him go and see a new face with a start from scratch a project to deliver another disappointment. After all, he instituted discipline and a new game in El Tri. Still that complacency in the end that hurts the work of its players and project.

A plus is laud from Mexico is its generation of players putting their skills at work in the best leagues of Europe. That put in perspective after the way the defeated Germany for the first time and these are playing one on one against top rated teams. The exposure and the vison of many teams in Mexico to export its players abroad are showing a growth in this country national team game.

The challenge ahead for Mexico is to shake the demons of its past and focus on the present. As for the so-called called fifth game curse, is just a cheap pretext. Whomever you play in the next stages is because they earned it and Mexico has the mentality of their completion being good so they need to step it up and be far better!  Something this squad in the game against Brazil dominated in the early stages and later after the Amazonian goals they became nonexistent in the field with no game plan or way of executing a serious comeback.

To conclude México did a good job but could been better. Another point to mention is to praise the work of the Federation now to be former president in Decio De Maria, well done and amazing work. The next directives need to be as dynamic and visionaries to uplift this squad and develop not only a contender but also a giant in the world stages. To point fingers or reclaim to none of the players of this national team, is something to put aside and recognize their hard work, there is always a next time.


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