Three Hopes, One Fear: Sweden at the 2018 World Cup


They stunned Italy to get here, but the goalscorer that made the difference (Jakob Johansson) will not be in the squad due to injury. Of course, The Zlatan will not be there, either. He is in Los Angeles. Here are three hopes and one fear about Sweden in the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Hope #1:  Team Spirit Remains High
Interestingly enough, the team actually looked more competitive and team spirit is high despite not having Zlatan. They are probably the least glamorous of the three Nordic sides in this tournament, but a united dressing room might overcome many a shortcoming. That spirit will be needed given the group they are in.
Hope #2:  Forsberg plays to form
Without Zlatan, the next person who could conceivably be a star player for Sweden is Emil Forsberg from RB Leipzig. He will be looked upon to be the playmaker for Sweden. That is contingent on Sweden getting the ball to him.
Hope #3:  They get the ball to Forsberg
If your playmaker does not get the ball often. He can’t make as many plays for your team. The warm-up against Denmark was exhibit A in that regard. Much like Denmark and Christian Eriksen, Sweden need to take a lot of the pressure of Forsberg.
Fear:  It won’t be enough in Group F
Sweden will need that high team spirit and competitiveness as this is arguable the toughest group. They have Germany, Mexico, and South Korea. Sweden will likely need to get results from the latter two to advance out of the first round. Otherwise, it will be a short ride back.
Sweden’s biggest issue is form. They need someone who can succeed Zlatan as the playmaker. That may be Emil Forsberg, but they will also need others to step up as this draw did them no favors.


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