Three Hopes, One Fear: Costa Rica at the 2018 World Cup


This is the second World Cup appearance in a row for Costa Rica, and the fourth one in the last five editions. They have become one of the teams who have shown the most progress over the last few years and have become one the most exciting teams to watch in the sport.

Hope 1:That their experience will come in handy.

Costa Rica will be playing in Russia with an experience squad which is looking to repeat what they did four years ago when they played the quarter finals in Brazil. It is certain they are the most successful team in Central America and definitively are looking to continue that trend.

Sporting Lisbon forward Bryan Ruiz is one of the best and most experienced players in the squad. Also, three-time UEFA Champions League champion and Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas is the example that this is a talented team.

Having experience is not only reflected in how long players have been on the field. Also, playing overseas help players to understand and get used to playing in harsh environments. This is something footballers need to know especially when they play in the biggest soccer stage, which is the World Cup. Costa Rica’s squad has that international experience and are ready to use that to keep making history.

Hope 2: Balance Squad

The team is very balanced in every line. There are talented players who complement and help each other throughout the matches. This is what makes La Tricolor strong. This has shown during the qualifiers. Costa Rica finished second in the CONCACAF Hexagonal standings despite the many challenges teams in the area represented against them.    

Coach Oscar Ramirez likes to have a well-organized defense which is the based to create a dangerous and fast offense. In addition, having balance at midfield will be also a key for the Central Americans, who will be facing very different playing styles in group E where they will play against Brazil, Serbia, and Switzerland.    

Hope 3: Pura Vida             

Costa Ricans live by the phrase: “Pura Vida”. This is a way to say that everything is okay and good things will be happening. The national team represents this phrase very well, too. The happiness and fearless character players have every time they step up in the field is notorious.

They always play with a positive mind and this is very important when they face soccer powerhouses in tournaments such as the World Cup. Four years ago, they won the “Group of Death” where they play against Uruguay, Italy, and England.

The national team will show to the world that Pura Vida is not only a phrase for this small country, but a lifestyle for its residents.

Fear: Consistency

Having consistency is the most challenging aspect for La Tricolor players and coaches. As mentioned before, Los Ticos will be facing teams with very different playing styles. So, they will have to decide if they will either face their matches according to their own strengths or their rivals’ strengths.

In addition, the consistency was not so good for Costa Rica during the qualifiers. They lost important points, which make them to wait a few more matches to qualify for the World Cup.

Moreover, the squad has young players who are renovating the team. They need to show the necessary consistency in their game plan as well as good form to help their nation to succeed this summer in Russia.        

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