Hinton Unleashed: MLS playoffs, EPL and FIFA


In this week’s video edition of Hinton Unleashed, Prost Amerika’s opinionated columnist Alan Hinton reviewed this weekend’s Major League Soccer knockout playoff matches, Manchester United recent disappointing form and the English Premier League.

Hinton saved his strongest criticism for  FIFA’s Sepp Blatter and how the 2018 and 2022 World Cups were awarded before a formal vote took place.



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  1. Like the site. Recently discovered it and really enjoy it.

    Since it seems to be so strongly Cascadia focused, I figure this is as good a place as any to pose a question that has been bugging me.

    Before I ask, full disclosure: I’m an active duty military member who like many Americans picked up a taste for the game internationally first. I was exposed to the joys of club soccer in Stuttgart and Washington DC.

    I’m a card carrying Barra Brava DC member from 2005-2008 and 2015 (since I recently returned to DC). For six of those years in between I was stationed in Stuttgart, Germany and was a VfB Stuttgart season ticket holder.

    A couple of the Timbers Army chants really make me smile because they are retooled Stuttgart chants. I find myself humming along sometimes…

    Anyway, to my question. Why, why, why, can’t the Timbers Army who are otherwise terrific, keep their traps shut during the national anthems? I remember the Honduras incident way back when (and the horrible passive aggressive non-apology that followed, which was far worse than the actual incident) and lo and behold, chanting during the Canadian anthem last night.

    I only ask because I attended lots of Champions League, Europa League, and international friendlies in Stuttgart and CONCACAF Champions League and international club friendlies in DC and the supporters groups are always quiet and respectful during the anthems. Commando Canstatt in Stuttgart NEVER chanted over an opposing sides national anthem. Never.

    Is it a mandate that chants happen during the anthems, or is it just rogue fans that the Capo’s cant control? I’m well aware of TA’s singing of the US anthem and think that it sounded great. But to only show the anthem respect when you are the one singing it seems pretty self absorbed and lame. Am I way off base? Does this happen any time a Canadian team plays in Portland? What’s the deal?

  2. Hi Sean,

    Not that I can answer for the Timbers Army, but I have attended many a Cascadian derby. During the US anthem, it is traditional for the Portland fans to wave their scarves in the air after each line. Some find it disrespectful but freedom means their right to express their patriotism as they see fit.

    What they did last night during “Oh Canada” was exactly as they do during the US anthem. I am guessing that it was intended as a mark or respect and friendship in our uniquely quaint Cascadian way.

    I can say that in all the Cascadian derbies I have seen, Timbers and Sounders fans have always respected the Canadian anthem, and vice versa.

    So I’m 100% sure no offence towards Canada was intended.

    Now I have attended many an international game where the opposing anthem was howled down. That said, “god save the queen” is an awful dirge anyway!