Photo: Jobi McAnuff ruins Deshorn Brown’s selfie with Messi


Oh Jo you don’t. Orient’s Jobi McAnuff is not impressed with Deshorn Brown’s desire for a selfie with Leo Messi
Mark Szczuka

Who doesn’t want to have their photo taken with Leo Messi? One person who apparently did was former Colorado Rapids striker Deshorn Brown.

His Jamaica side had just lost 1-0 to Argentina at the Copa America in Chile. This left the Reggae Boyz eliminated after their third straight 1-0 defeat.

After the final whistle at the Estadio Sausalito in Viña del Mar, Brown managed to leap off the bench with his cell phone and track down the Argentinian superstar who was still celebrating on the pitch.

Cell phone in his left hand and with his right arm on Messi’s back, Brown, who played 78 minutes) was all set for the shot.

Less than impressed however was his compatriot Jobi McAnuff who unlike Brown had played all 90 minutes. He appeared to be about to swat the cell phone out of Brown’s hand at the crucial moment.

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