(VIDEO) Don Garber: “Jurgen Klinsmann is a close friend”


MLS Commissioner Don Garber was both forthright and coy when speaking to reporters at the SoccerEx exhibition in Barbados.

He answered questions on Jurgen Klinsmann, whom he described as a close friend, and gave tribute to the role US Soccer has played in the growth of soccer in North America. His words seemed aimed to end the ‘war of words’ and move on. He stated a belief that the Caribbean could put a pro league together and gave tacit support to a 2026 CONCACAF world cup bid.

Here is the full video of his conversation with reporters in Barbados.

Video: Courtesy of Gerry Hayter/SoccerEx

The segment on Klinsmann begins at 4.10 where he is asked about last week’s spat with the US coach. He first defends the league’s quality and seems to state that others underestimate it:

“MLS is a much higher quality that everybody gives us credit for.

He went on to issue a warm verbal embrace of the man whose remarks he called ‘personally infuriating”.

“Jurgen Klinsmann is a big supporter of our league. … We are close friends and we are partners in this process.”

In a later answer he added:

“The partnership between our league and the Federation has to be rock solid. Our league won’t succeed without the support of the federation and our national team won’t succeed without a thriving Major League Soccer.”

He also addressed the Miami MLS franchise and the possibility of a CONCACAF bid for the World Cup in 2026 where he was supportive while stressing he has his hands full with his own job.

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