Brazil 4 United States 1. What does this score line really mean?


Brazil 4 United States 1. What does this score line really mean?

by Dominic John

So as the score suggests, the United States lost pretty handily to the world famous Brazil. This being said, the score isn’t all that indicative of the game that was played in front of a large crowd of 67,619 in Landover, Maryland tonight.

The game, as expected started out extremely fast paced, both sides playing as though they had something to prove, which in essence they did. This game carried no weight or feel of a ‘friendly’ from the first to the final whistle.

U.S keeper Tim Howard was called into action early and often as Brazil, with the help of the ever present Hulk got in behind the U.S defense. Howard having to make his first of many saves in the 7th minute of the game.

Then came the penalty. The ball was struck right into the hand of Oguchi Onyewu who was about a yard inside the box. The much hyped and anticipated player Neymar stepped up, weaved, zigged and zagged and put the ball away quite emphatically. 1-0 Brazil.

With such an early goal, the U.S team seemed a little rattled, so too did Klinsmann on the sideline. The U.S was never really the same in the first half after the first goal came. The U.S seemed to lose their shape and play panicked and bunched in the back.

In the 26th minute the onslaught continued from the well oiled machine that is the Brazilian squad. Extremely poor marking from a corner kick left Silva more than wide open for a free header. Silva was gifted his 1st goal for his country and what an easy one it was at that, 2-0 Brazil.

The constant attack from Brazil just seemed to be too hard for the U.S to stop. However, on the stroke of half time a wonderful run on the left side from Fabian Johnson and a timely cross to Hercules Gomez gave the U.S a goal. To Gomez’ credit he had some work to do as it was not an easy finish as the ball was deflected up before he head the ball home. This showed that the spark the U.S needed to play with consistent intensity and speed was indeed in their bag of tricks. Could it carry over into the second half?

As the second half began, Brazil continued to push hard up the field, maintaining possession and attacking the U.S defense at every chance. In the 52nd minute, Brazil came on the counter attack. Although the U.S seemed to have enough men back, the pressure was too much. Marcelo made a run right through the heart of the midfield, he stood wide open in the middle on the U.S 6 yard box, and U.S defenders seemed to retreat into the goal. Nobody stepped to the ball and the result was an easy tap in for Brazil.

The final score of the match was 4-1 in favor of Brazil.

It wasn’t all bad though, the last 15 minutes, with the introduction of Clint Dempsey, playing in his first game back from a groin injury, and subsequently his first alongside Donovan under Klinsmann, the U.S stepped up the tempo, even rattling off a few chances. Rafael, making his debut in goal for Brazil was more than up to the challenge. He was forced to make a number of fine saves.

It was a great finish to the game, proving that there is hope for the U.S yet. It leaves me asking, where was this in the first 35 minutes of the second half?

It is attainable by the U.S, they can play with the big boys, now all they need is consistency. Not a bad showing overall by the Yanks. A solid B on the grading scale. Back to the drawing board in many respects, especially coming off such a high, beating the likes of Scotland.

To be a real contender the U.S will need to play fast paced for 90 minutes. Brazil looks very much in the drivers’ seat as they prepare for the Olympics; perhaps the one major International accolade that surprisingly the Brazilians have never won.

So what does this mean for the USMNT? They certainly shouldn’t hang their heads, yes losing is never fun, but they showed signs of improvement and a much deeper knowledge of the way that Klinsmann wants the team to play. They can play up tempo with the best in the world, now they need to do so for 90 minutes straight.


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