Entire Italian League Program Postponed after Player Dies on the Pitch


There will be no Serie A games this weekend or indeed any in Italy following the tragic death of a young footballer.

The incident happened during the Serie B match between Livorno and Pescara at the latter’s Stadio Adriatico ground.

Livorno player Piermario Morosini collapsed on the pitch in the 31st minute and died following a suspected heart attack according to Livorno football officials.

The 25-year-old was on loan from Serie A side Udinese who were due to play Inter Milan this weekend. A defibrillator was used and Morosini was taken to hospital. The game was halted with Morsini convulsing and other players visibly in tears. Morosini was dead on arrival at the hospital and according to medical staff, before even entering the ambulance.

“He suffered a cardiac arrest. Unfortunately he was already dead when the ambulance arrived. He never regained consciousness,” announced Doctor De Blasi.

A a statement on the Serie A website said:

The football world mourns the tragedy that occurred this afternoon in Pescara, where during the game between the hosts and Livorno, the player Piermario Morosini slumped to the ground suffering from a heart attack. Transported to the hospital, the young midfielder was put into an induced coma, but died at around 1700.

The FIGC has suspended, in memory of Piermario, all games scheduled over the weekend.

The incident follows the collapse of Patrice Muamba at White Hart Lane as his Bolton side faced Spurs in a FA Cup tie.


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  1. There was another incident in India several weeks ago. Same thing, heart attack on the pitch.

    just nuts. very sad.