The Deck of Cards – Sounders Style


The work never stops for Prost Amerika’s intrepid and popular cameraman Joe Armand. While cleaning out his collection of photos of this historic season, in preparation for the next one, he began to think of all that had happened throughout this amazing sporting rollercoaster of a year.

As he cleaned up his desk and files after the Sounders FC 2009 version, he began to count things. Strange random things.

Yeah, that guy. I keep running into him on matchdays.

Is that the guy who ate your doughnuts Freddy?

Here are his numbers from the 2009 Season:

42,356 The number of pictures that I took

18,224 The number of miles driven to games and training

10,800 The number of air miles earned covering games

257 The number of Gigabytes of space consumed with photos

88 The number of times I listened to Sammy Hagar and Chickenfoot wail out “Get It Up” while shooting games

74 The number of bottles of water consumed on match day

72 The number of hours spent on the pitch shooting matches

62 The number of hours spent working in the Press Box

52 The number of Jones Sodas I drank in the Press Box

26 The number of Football matches that I covered as Prost Amerika’s Photo Guy

14 The number of times I had to remind myself not to refer to American Football as “padded wankball”

8 The number of times I ran into Drew Carey on match day

Joe Suffers a Bart Attack!

Joe Suffers a Bart Attack!

4 The number of times I had the opportunity to shoot the Houston Dynamo in action

3 The number of times I shot the 2009 MLS Champions Salt Lake City Real

2 The number of times Bart Wiley leaned out to watch a play blocking my ‘perfect shot’

2 The number of times I captured an image of Jhon Kennedy Hurtado – Smiling

1 The number of times I was run over by Governor Gregoire at the press elevator

0 The number of times I regretted putting my life down this path.

Joe concluded,

“Like all of you fans, Game Days have evolved into a comfortable sequence of events that has been tailored to make the day more enjoyable. I can’t wait to continue to see what path the 2010 Season will evolve into. There’s just one number missing. I want my 90 back!”

Prost Amerika will be showcasing Joe’s work over the next ten days with a photo of the day every day, before we allow you all to vote for the photo of the year. One of the lucky winners will receive printed copies of the winning photo.


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