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The World Cup organisers have released the figures for applications to purchase tickets for 2010 FIFA World Cup matches. The third ticketing sales phase for the World Cup has seen the number of ticket applications top half a million within the first ten days. 386,300 of those tickets were requested by residents of the host nation South Africa, representing 77% of the total applications. 114,237 tickets were applied for from the rest of the world.

It is here in the numbers released for the applications from visiting nations that something very heartwarming arises. Of those 114, 237, the United States leads the list of foreign countries for this sales phase with 22,942 tickets, which brings its total to more than 100,000 requests through all three phases. This is more than any other country including Group C rivals England. Their figure is 20,232, although that also includes applications from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mexico is third with 7,981, followed by Germany (7,697), Australia (6,277) and Brazil (4,760). The current sales phase, where around 1 million tickets are available, runs until January 22, 2010. Although not all those requesting tickets from a US address are necessarily USA fans, the figures certainly provide a reassuring tonic for those arguing the case that the US is a major player in world soccer, and they also give a boost to those campaigning to bring the 2018 World Cup to the United States.

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