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USA draw England, Algeria and Slovenia and avoid the strongest sides. Champions Italy fare well, but Germans get tough group.

World Cup Draw 2010

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South Africa




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United States



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New Zealand


Group G


North Korea

Cote  D’Ivoire


Group H






The tournament will open on June 11th at Johannesburg’s Soccer Stadium, and will feature hosts South Africa against Mexico. The big news is that the USA have got their wish and drawn England in a group that contains one of the weaker African sides, Algeria and the smallest nation who have qualified Slovenia.

Although Slovenia may not be as weak as some think, as they only conceded four goals in their ten qualifying games, the draw could not have been much better for Sam’s Army. As well as England, who were seeded despite being outside the top eight in current rankings, and therefore are on form the weakest seed, Bob Bradley has the only African side to need a play-off and one of the four European sides to need one; the bonus being it wasn’t France or Portugal. The US will kick off against England in Rustenburg on June 12th, and then meet Slovenia in Johannesburg on the 18th. The last match against Algeria is in Tshwane/Pretoria on the 23rd.

Group G looks to be the toughest with Portugal, Brazil and Didier Drogba’s Cote D’Ivoire drawn together. Hosts South Africa will be happy to have drawn a mediocre Uruguay side and Mexico, although France are the big winners to have drawn three comfortable opponents. Reigning champions Italy seem to be the biggest winners, drawing minnows New Zealand, Paraguay and Slovakia.

Also faring well are the Netherlands, Argentina and especially Spain in Group H, who have the weakest European opponents available, the poorest side in Central America and also managed to avoid an African side, pulling Chile from Pot 3. Germany haven’t fared too well with the tough Serbians, and the highly underrated Australians, not to mention the side rated Africa’s best, Ghana.

The Germans may well find themselves to be the seeded side considered most likely to make an early exit.

US matches up physically better

Henderson - US matches up physically better

Chris Henderson, Sounders FC Technical Director and former USA international player with over 70 caps, expressed a sentiment that seems widespread.

“If you look at the draw in the last World Cup in Germany for the US and you look at the draw for South Africa 2010. I think the US should be very pleased. None of the games will be easy, but I think the US matches up physically better with the teams that we are with this time around. We have nothing to lose playing England in the first match. They have all the pressure as the favorite.”

Keith Hodo is the co-leader of the Emerald City Supporters but is also widely known for his passionate support of the USA. He was understandably exuberant about the draw.

“The draw today was very exciting and I look forward to this coming summer as it will surely be an exciting tournament. As for USA, I think we got the best draw possible. The players will be motivated to show their best against England’s galaxy of stars. Worst case I can see results working out against Algeria and Slovenia in case we don’t come out ahead in the Donovan versus Becks showdown.”

What do you think of the draw? Post your comments below.


The opening match takes place on June 11th in Soccer Stadium in Johannesburg and will feature South Africa. ussflogo The United States and 31 other countries will learn their fate in the next two hours, as a host of celebrities have converged on Cape Town for the draw for the 2010 World Cup finals. The US are in Pot 2, an agglomeration of countries from Asia and Latin America, and will face one side from each of Pots1, 3 and 4. Pot 1 contains the eight seeded teams, Pot 3 has eight Africa and South American sides and Pot 4 eight European sides. It is that Pot 4 that has the bear traps. France and Portugal ought to have been seeded on current FIFA rankings. In the opinion of many, they are comfortably better than many of the seeds in Pot 1. Their presence or absence could decide whether a group is easy or the so-called “Group of Death”. Serbia and Slovenia are the next best sides in that group, with perhaps Switzerland, Greece, and Slovakia being the best options.

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  1. I’m very happy with the draw the USA got. I can see the USA getting through and maybe even topping the group.

  2. malcontentjake on

    Its a great draw for USA, and not because I think its necessarily easy: we open with a difficult match steeped in history and culture — a draw against England would certainly be a fantastic result — then we face two perfectly winnable matches against the other two. There are no guarantees, but this group is certainly set up for a reasonable shot at the knockout stage. At first blush, Group “A” is the most even, top to bottom, and the seeded team with the easiest path is certainly Italy! I stop short of calling “G” a “group of death” because North Korea are the minnow of minnows in this tournament. Having said that, I personally rate Cote d’Ivore very highly, and am looking forward to seeing them knock off Portugal to join Brazil in advancing!

  3. As an Englishman living Seattle I am really pleased with this draw. England will top the group with the US in second. If we are fully fit and injury free England just has the more talented players led by a coach who has won his whole career.

    Bring on June!!!!

    Also cannot wait for March and the new MLS season.

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